BPH | Series Heavy Duty Tilt Pivot Biopods

The NEW TACBAND BPH series Heavy Duty bipods is completely redesigned to upgrade from our existing generations of bipods. The BPH series bipods provide stable and sturdy shooting support conveniently attaches to guns with a sling swivel stud. With the pivot style lever it can tilt up to 25 degrees to either side for flexible shooting position.

Combining the advantages of a pivot head and that of the convenient way of pull-to-extend legs, BPH series greatly enhances the ruggedness of the pivoting frame with a ONE-PIECE one-time shaped hard steel frame, instead of the 2-piece aluminum frame the competing models in the market adopt. 

* Pivot head for tilting 25 degrees to either side for flexible shooting position
* Fully adjustable legs that pull to extend, with lockable knob to secure extension length
* Press button to retract legs when locking knob is unlocked
* Hard steel pivoting frame provide extra ruggedness
* Foldable legs with robust external tension springs
* Rubberized foot pads offers strong grip on surface

Item# Retracted Extended Weight
BPH0607 5.6 inch 6.9 inch 388g
BPH0812 7.8 inch 11.9 inch 458g


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